School Clubs

Club is a simple word for a complex notion which connotes activities of varying spectrum. They serve as a platform for the students to showcase their talent by unearthing their potential. Club also helps inculcate a sense of service to the school and society. Being a member of a club provides a students with ample opportunities to enhance his / her latent skills. The list of the different Senior & Junior club functioning in the school is as follows:


School conducts many activities under:

  • Cultural Club: Children are taught about folk dance, folk music, classical dance and music.
  • Heritage Club: Presentation and activities related to Sikh and Indian culture heritage.
  • Eco-Warriors Club: Gardening, tree plantation, cleanliness drive is organized regularly.
  • Mathematical Club: Presentation, projects, models and charts are made by children.
  • Science Club: Presentation on some interesting topics of science are taken. Some exhibitions showing working models are exhibited.
  • Sports Club: Athletics, game, yoga sessions are organized.
  • Literary Club: Debates–English, Hindi & Punjabi & writing skills.

Inter House Competitions

Sl. No. Date Juniors Seniors
01 18.04.2020 Favourite Cartoon Bhangra / Giddha competition
02 02.05.2020 Quiz on Sikkim State Folk dance of Sikkim
03 16.05.2020 Kavi Sammelan (own composed poem) News Reading
04 04.07.2020 News Reading Extempore
05 18.07.2020 Charater Portryal from History Radio Jockey
06 01.08.2020 One Act Play Best Salesperson
07 29.08.2020 Divinity Quiz Sports Quiz (Cricket, Lawn Tennis)
08 03.10.2020 Extempore Character Portryal from History
09 17.10.2020 Nukkad Natak Mime
10 31.10.2020 Character Portryal from Sport One Act Play
11 07.11.2020 Halloween Parade Debate
12 21.11.2020 Mime Nukkad Natak
13 05.12.2020 Quiz on India (Constitution, Geography) Group dance
14 19.12.2020 Group dance Character Portryal of Politician

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