Principal's Message

Mrs. Jaspreet Kaur Bajaj

Mrs. Jaspreet Kaur Bajaj

On the wheels of time with the divine intervention of Almighty, Our school and worthy Management has bestowed  upon me the duty to take over as the Principal of Bhai Joga Singh Public School. I am grateful for this extreme honour.

 My journey in the field of education started in 1995. After working in a renowned school of South  Delhi, Mata Gujri Public School for 22 years and now as a  Principal of the school, I see my key role to ensure that the graph of  school's brand name is steep and uprising. It can only be possible if we can work as a close knit family with equivalent vision, mutual understanding, respect and admiration and with conjoint efforts of both the parent fraternity as well as the student community thereby bridging all the possible communication gaps. 

As an academician, I value and admire the people who wholeheartedly and dedicately provide their services in building up careers of students. They are not only the pillars of our school but for the society of which we are an integral part.

With all my blessings for my dear students, expecting full handed understanding and cooperation from the staff and the parents, I assure each one of you, my complete availability for the organisation, students, my teachers and for the ultimate bigger purpose of imparting education.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa 
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji

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